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Eclectic Ari

Eclectic Ari is a Southern California based Performance Artist who has been cultivating her craft since 2018. Movement medicine has always been important in her life and she translates that love with her Dance and Performance Art. Her first love was music and from there she was inspired to express herself through sound and movement. She loves worldly beats, eclectic rhythms, classical music and anything with a melody.

Fire Shows for your Venue

Fire Insured and Safety Certified

Looking for Indoor or Outdoor dining entertainment? I would love to give your event my personal spark

Festival Experience

I want to make a stage joke but I’ll refrain from a play on words!

Experience with both stage, ambient and workshops!

Character Artist

Different characters to transform your Event

Modeling and Muse Work

Eclectic Looks for your Designs and Creative Photography

Burlesque, Bellydance, GoGo

A variety of circus, sensual, and fun acts that can be catered to your needs

Reliable Performances
Professional Entertainment
Talented Skillset and Stage Presence
Authentic Fun for All

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